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About Us

We want the Internet to work for you! Old fashioned lead generating techniques such as Yellow Pages, Newspaper Ads, Fliers, Direct Mail and Phone Calls don’t work the way they use to work.

Office Pro Advisor constantly searches and find ways for you to use the Internet to get great leads and convert those leads into business building sales.

Our objective is to avoid technology challenges and just give you the tools and techniques to put the Internet to work for you. In particular, we want to help you successfully use Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (essentially, making sure the key words people use to search for your type of business is included in your web site), mobile web site, and ongoing correspondence and articles.

Our Background:

 Masters in Managing in Science and Technology.
Successful High Tech Startup Founder and VP, Sales and Marketing 
 Managed development of PC Magazine's 5-star rated software  product. 
Multiple Codie Award Finalist in "Best Internet Business" category.
10 Year Fortune Top 10 Experience, Computer Software, Hardware &
    Services Sales and Marketing Executive.
 Management Productivity Consultant and Seminar Leader.

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